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It is amazing to me how time passes, apparently so quickly sometimes. I can't believe that we are over half way through August already. Before I know it my oldest will be back in school, and time will pass even quicker. Halloween will be here, then Christmas, Valentine's and then wrap up ballet recitals and school plays. My favorite sitcoms will end, the snow will finally cease and before I know it, I will be back here, saying these words once again in another year. 

I wish I could slow time down. 

But in the end we all have to live our lives. We can't avoid doing things just to make time run slower, we can't will more time to exist. And so I am just going to try to do what I can to enjoy the fleeting moments as I can right now. 

I will try to remember when my little guy is yelling incoherent babble at me that soon enough he will be a young man playing sports and eyeing up love interests. I will try to remember that my daughter is very quickly (way too rapidly) blossoming from a little girl into a teenager. I will try to recall that day I said "I do" nine years ago and embrace the fact that my husband and I are still young, and can still literally do anything we want to. 
A little morbid, these thoughts of time fleeting. 

i have received the first draft of the cover design and boy is it ever beautiful! I cannot express the excitement that is mounting as I see my name typed on a book cover. It is becomming very real that in one short month I will have my own novel printed and in hand. There have been a few delays but thankfully those have been sorting out themselves. 

I still plan to have the printed copies by the middle of September and barring any printing delays or massive errors when the proof copy comes in, we should be able to stick on schedule.