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The military thriller Life's Series is here.

Years have passed since WW3. The government has abandoned its military, and vigilante factions have sprung up across the country and the world. These factions are keeping the peace and punishing those who threaten the lives of the people, all those who cannot help themselves. Now certain people are coming out of the woodwork, all stemmed from one school with a hidden agenda.

Featuring a fiery young woman with an unusual ability, Life's Defeat sees the reader into the proverbial Rabbit hole of hell alongside this woman, dragging them with her as she conquers life and death itself to regain some normalcy within her bizarre situation.

Life's Hope (May 2016) follows our soldier and her previous lover and friend. Travel with her as she reconnects with an old home, him as he tries to conquer the soldier's love once more. Empathize with their anguish, feel their unleashed skills, celebrate their triumphs.

A jaded soldier seeks to find redemption and protection in the children of his school. Only to find that redemption comes from the unlikeliest of places. The long awaited life story of StPatrick in Life's Inception (April 2018) is here.

Please browse the site for information about the author, as well as an excerpt from this exciting new novel.



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