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About the Author

By day Rebekah Raymond is simply Becca--Medical Claims Adjudicator, Academic Strategist, wife and mother of two. By night, she is Rebekah Raymond, Calgary writer of thriller/horror, romance, science fiction and fantasy. Raymond lives in Airdrie, AB Canada. She is wife to her once High School sweetheart and mother of a young daughter and son. She is a strong advocate of literacy and literature exposed to all from very young ages.

Rebekah is the author of the thriller Life’s Series.

Raymond attributes her wildly disconnected plots and vivid characters to automatic writing. She is a member of NaNoWriMo and the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society.

From the author:

In my writing I often resort to automatic writing. By definition that is where the author merely writes whatever flows from them, no editing or thinking on plot or characters at that time. I find the process allows for a more instantaneous portrayal of the scenes, an in-the-moment approach to getting down the actions and immediate feelings of the characters. Later, in the editing, is where those emotions can get refined, the chapters arranged or re-written to fit a better flow.

I wrote as a young child, keeping diaries obsessively, encouraged to write more creative projects. Poetry was a constant in my life, as was music and art, and I always felt a draw toward these disciplines. Giving in to my creative half, I participated in art as well as a number of choral and instrumental groups in school, writing several short stories and novellas in my early teens. I continued on by attending and graduating from Alberta College of Art + Design with a B.FA and received my Academic Strategist certificate from the U of C.

A Trekkie and sci-fi buff, I practice my writing through email based role playing games along many other talented on-the-spot writers.