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New Beginnings

Last night I approved a press release that will be going out. I have always been transparent with you, my followers, so here are my thoughts on the matter:

I have to admit, clicking that "send" on the email was intimidating. It is quite different, having people believe in something you are doing who aren't family. And both my editor Taija and publicist Mickey have shown unwavering faith in my series.

It isn't that I don't believe in the series. In fact, because of the way I write, with automatic writing, I feel sometimes that the characters are really the one's writing, that I am merely a reporter taking down the events for the characters and putting their notes into book form. In this way I can have complete confidence in their tales.

But, as many of my other author friends know, belief in yourself can be tricky. There is always that chance of fearing that you have grown too much too fast, or that you will fail to some degree, or that you will not grow at all. There is, often, that fear of "what if"

What if I cannot sell myself as much as I promised?

What if I cannot talk about and sell the books as much as I need to?

and, most importantly, what if I SUCCEED?

Here's the thing, loyal followers, fear can be a tricky thing. As a mother, it can help me assess danger for my children, and weigh decisions. As a writer and author, fear can be restrictive. If open mic, NaNoWriMo, the working world and even my time at ACAD taught me anything, it is that when you want something that seems out of your reach it is best to safely set fear aside and go for it, if you are able. For me, someone who has gone through the downs of PPD and frequent anxiety, this can be a scary step. Scary, but necessary.

So here I am, admitting my hesitations to the world, knowing that everything is going to be just fine in the end. Actually, it won't be just fine, it will be brilliant! How can it not be, with my family, friends, followers, my editor and my publicist, and my husband supporting me?

I challenge each of you to do the same. I challenge you to take hold of one hesitation today and tuck it way down, to make way for an opportunity otherwise unrealized. And, when you do, please let me know - I love to share success.